Ashra e Saani programme 2019/1441 (Ladies & Gents)


Muharram majalis for Ashra e Saani will start from Friday 20th – Saturday 28th September 2019

Venue: Al Qaim Centre 19-23 Freehold Street, Coventry CV1 5BG

Urdu Majalis: recited by Maulana Sadiq Hasan (Pakistan)

Daily Start Time: 7:30pm (Prompt with bajamaat maghribayn)

Nauha and Mersia: By Local momineens

Notice: Due to car parking limitations, Please park away from Centre sensibly on main road or side streets.

Please attend on time & inform any other Momineen of the Programme.

To donate towards AQAM Coventry Majalis & Niyaz fund, please use the following bank details :

Bank: AQAM Coventry Barclays Bank
AC No:43802159.
Sort code: 20-23-55.

Donation Details

AQAM Coventry Barclays Bank

AC No: 43802159
Sort code: 20-23-55

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AQAM Ashra e Saani Muharram Majalis 1441 | 2019

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